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Evolution is the result of scientific research and gastronomic avant-garde, it is the synthesis of the path taken by human beings to combine food and pleasure.

Miguel Cobo and his great gastronomic project
MICHELIN Star Cobo Evolution

Cobo Evolución is the gastronomic restaurant whose fundamental axis is to discover human evolution in an interactive, gastronomic and sensory way. It will have a menu based on six stages of human evolution—Africa, Atapuerca, Altamira, Neolithic, Rome and Miscegenation—where you can taste each of the techniques used at all times.

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In the liquid part

Cobo Estratos, “a restaurant of restaurants”, comes into play in a collaborative project, a great friend of Miguel Cobo and, above all, a great professional such as Diego González, who currently holds the title of Best Sommelier in Spain and who will represent to our country in the World Sommeliers Championship. With them the diner will find global harmonies with many surprises. The evolution of wine will be experienced in the liquid part, traveling around the globe: New World, European wines, historic wineries... The objective is to tell a story within the History of Evolution itself.

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Embark on a unique gastronomic journey at Espacio Evolución. Book our Humanity Menu now: a Michelin Star-awarded experience that will immerse you in the culinary stages of our evolution.

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In the liquid part

Miguel Plaza Muñoz, renowned sommelier

Miguel Plaza Muñoz, a renowned sommelier, known for his exceptional skill and knowledge in the world of wine, has perfected his art by touring some of the best restaurants in Madrid, Toledo and southern Spain. His impressive career and passion for oenology have led him to be one of the most respected sommeliers on the current gastronomic scene. With an innate ability to pair wines with exquisite dishes, Miguel Plaza promises to offer an unforgettable culinary experience to all diners at Cobo Estratos.

We are excited and honored to have him with us and hope you enjoy the exceptional recommendations and charm that he and Miguel Cobo will bring to our table.

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  • At the time of making your reservation and in order to confirm it, will proceed to make a payment of €65.00 per diner, corresponding to the prepaid ticket. If you cannot attend, you must notify us at least 48 hours prior to the reservation and notify it in writing from the reservation confirmation email or directly through reserva@coboestratos.com. In this way, the total amount of the prepaid ticket will be refunded, except for its management costs (-€3.00/per person).
  • However, If the total or partial cancellation of the reservation occurs during the last 48 hours of the reservation, we reserve the right not to refund the €65.00 per diner of the prepaid ticket charged to the credit/debit card provided at the time of your reservation.
  • In the event of no-show, or the same number of diners noted in the reservation not showing up, we reserve the right to not refund the €60.00 per diner of the prepaid ticket charged to the credit/debit card provided in the At the time of your reservation, make a charge on it for the remaining amount until completing the total cost of the reserved menu(s).
  • Please know that 48 hours before the reservation, we will contact you to confirm your reservation and assistance. It is important that we contact you, otherwise your reservation may be cancelled.
  • Evolución is not a space designed for children under 12 years of age, since we do not have any other gastronomic offer. If you cannot avoid it, we ask that you maintain your manners without disturbing the rest of the diners in the room.
  • Our tables are maximum 6 guests, if you would like to book for more, please contact us.
  • At Evolución we only offer a tasting menu which will be served to a full table. Due to the complexity of the menu, If you have any type of allergy or intolerance, please contact us to see the possibility of adapting it.
  • One piece of advice, if the day you want to make your reservation is full, sign up for the waiting list, we will take it into account.
  • And finally, there is a whole team waiting for you, please be punctual!!!
Evolutionary Exhibitions

Our art gallery

Fran del Hoyo, born in Burgos, studied Fine Arts in Madrid and complements his teaching side with restoration and painting. This double side has led him to investigate the textures and materials in his works, which can be found in the US and Europe. He began his career in informalism, standing out for his white paintings with gold textures, to move in recent years to more realistic figuration.