Miguel Cobo

Dream loud and far, your time will come


Never stop looking for your place,
the place you belong to,
awaits you

Miguel Cobo, of Santander origin and Burgos by adoption, began his career as a chef in 2004 after finishing his studies and did so in prestigious restaurants in northern Spain. It was in 2007 that he settled in “El Vallés”, the hotel-restaurant run by his family in the Burgos town of Briviesca, where, based on “Merluza del Valles”, he raised the curiosity of Basque gastronomic critics.

In 2015 he decided to set up his first restaurant in Burgos, Cobo Vintage, with an updated gastronomic offer where the Cantabrian Sea and Burgos recipes come together. After obtaining a Michelin star in just 15 months, he launched what is now his new project, Cobo Estratos.

The key moment

Cobo Estratos

In 2020, Cobo Estratos, the kitchen of evolution, opens its doors. A project in which history and the present are contextualized in the kitchen.

Everything has led me to where I am now, to build COBO ETRATOS, the most faithful reflection of me

External events

Featured speaker at culinary events, including Madrid Fusión and Auténtica Premium Food Fest, with a focus on the evolution of gastronomy.

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Successful collaborations with leading brands such as San Miguel, Mahou, Coca-Cola, Gary's, Altonadock, Quttin and Cooker Matic.

Cooperation on television

«Experience in television, from 'Top Chef' on RTVE to being a judge on programs such as 'The Last Dinner' (Telecinco) and 'The Account Please' (Telemadrid).

External events

I specialize in the fusion between traditional cuisine and the evolution of food as a concept. I have had the honor of closing the prestigious Madrid Fusión event and participating in the Auténtica Premium Food Fest in Seville, where I have shared my approach to business in the gastronomic field. I am open to collaborating in future events to continue sharing my passion and culinary knowledge.

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My track record includes successful collaborations with a wide range of brands, from industry giants such as San Miguel, Mahou and Coca-Cola, to fashion brands such as Gary's and Altonadock, as well as kitchen products companies such as Quttin and Cooker Matic. I am committed to continuing to build valuable relationships and am open to exploring new collaborations that further enrich the culinary experience.

Cooperation on television

I have had the privilege of collaborating on renowned television programs, such as my start at RTVE in the successful program 'Top Chef'. I have also acted as a judge in prominent programs on networks such as Telecinco, such as 'La Última Cena', and on Telemadrid, in 'The Account Please'. My passion for gastronomy and entertainment drives me to continue participating in television shows, and I am always open to new opportunities to share my experience and my love for cooking on screen.


I help you in the conceptualization of your business

As a culinary expert, I provide comprehensive advisory services for gastronomic businesses. My approach ranges from creating personalized menus to optimizing expense management and conceptualizing your business, giving you the tools necessary to achieve success in the restaurant industry.