Acknowledgments and press

Recognitions, experiences and collaborations

Astuy de la Isla, learning the secrets of the sea

Serval Restaurant (1 Michelin star), tradition and avant-garde

Hotel Santemar, learning traditional cuisine

New Mill (1 Michelin star)

Amos gazebo (1 Michelin star)

Echaurren Restaurant

Restaurant El Portal de Echaurren (1 Michelin star)

Zaranda Restaurant (2 Michelin stars)

Hotel and Restaurant El Vallés, where I have obtained 1 Sun from the Repsol Guide and a score of 7 in

“The best of gastronomy”

Chef-owner Cobo Vintage (May 2015)

Creative Chef at Casa Monico (Madrid)

Reviews in El Mundo (Metropolis) Score 14/16

Contest champion cooks of Castilla y León 2012

Spanish runner-up in Bocuse d´Or 2013. XIV National Cooks and Confectioners Competition 2013

Third place First top Chef Spain.

Michelin star in Cobo Vintage

Chef of the year in Cantabria 2014

Presenter new TV program The account please (tele Madrid)

Image San Miguel 2017

Best chef of Casilla and León 2019

Jury the Last Supper” TV5 Mediaset


Internationalization of Cobo Estratos services. Project 02/18/BU/0023 co-financed by the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).