We unite the traditional and the unconventional, to offer you much more than a meal. We offer you an entire experience

The challenge is not to be left behind.

Always looking forward, trying to create the spark that makes cooking my passion.


"This project is the translation of Miguel Cobo's culinary philosophy of technique and product into a unitary space that will conceptualize his double gastronomic commitment"
Cobo Tradición - Sala (15)

It is called to be the great gastronomic reference in the north of Spain. The project brings together two complementary culinary proposals in the same space – Cobo Evolución and Cobo Tradición.

Cobo Estratos was born as a project rooted in the subsoil, located in a privileged environment such as the old market square of the city and the historic Casa del Cordón.

Tradition Space

The most traditional cuisine, which will go from his native Cantabria to his adoptive city, Burgos.

Slow cooking and powerful sauces. Homemade dishes to eat in a pleasant, comfortable and family atmosphere.

Chef's Table

The most exclusive space.

The chef Miguel Cobo attends you personally with a menu in which to let yourself go and abandon yourself to the sensations.

Evolution Space

Coming soon…

A space in which we will walk together towards the evolution of the kitchen.

Our space

Emptiness and light. Cobo Estratos Restaurant by Enrique Jerez, Álvaro Moral and Víctor Manzanedo, by Processed Architectures


Internationalization of Cobo Estratos services. Project 02/18/BU/0023 co-financed by the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).