Walking together towards evolution.

"Evolution is the result of scientific research and gastronomic avant-garde, it is the synthesis of the path traveled by human beings to combine food and pleasure"

Carlos Diez Lomana

Miguel Cobo inaugurates his great gastronomic project: Cobo Evolución

Cobo Evolución is the gastronomic restaurant whose fundamental axis is to discover human evolution in an interactive, gastronomic and sensory way. It will have a menu based on six stages of human evolution —Africa, Atapuerca, Altamira, Neolithic, Rome and Mestizaje— where you can taste each of the techniques used at each moment.

Cobo - Estratos Restaurante Evolución
Cobo - Estratos Restauarnte Sommelier

in the liquid part

Cobo Strata, “a restaurant of restaurants“, comes into play, in a collaborative project, a great friend of Miguel Cobo and, above all, a great professional such as Diego González, who currently holds the title of Best Sommelier in Spain and who will represent our country in the Sommeliers World Cup . With them the diner will find global harmonies with many surprises. The evolution of wine will be experienced in the liquid part, touring the globe: New World, wines from Europe, historic wineries... The objective is to tell a story within the History of Evolution itself.


Internationalization of Cobo Estratos services. Project 02/18/BU/0023 co-financed by the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE) and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).